Senate Rejects Attempt to Overturn Specialty Healthcare: Erik Wasson of The Hill reports that the Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee blocked a Republican effort to overturn the National Labor Relations Board’s Specialty Healthcare allowing unions to petition for smaller, or "micro", bargaining units. The Republicans’ effort was defeated on a 15-15 vote, with one Democratic senator , Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark), voting in favor of overturning the decision.

Unions Pushing New Jersey Bill to Penalize Offshoring: Martin Bricketto of Law360 ($) writes that New Jersey lawmakers heard testimony regarding a bill that would penalize companies when they move call center jobs overseas.

Those companies would end up on a public list and be ineligible for state grants, guaranteed loans, tax benefits and other such financial support for a three-year period. They would also have to remit the unamortized value of previously granted incentives from the state.

Unions Worried About Right-to-Work in Wisconsin: Rich Rovito of The Business Journal has a story detailing how labor leaders are preparing to educate private-sector union members about right-to-work legislation in Wisconsin. Despite representation by Gov. Walker and Republican legislators that there will be no attempts to push right-to-work legislation in the foreseeable future, union leaders are concerned that right-to-work legislation will be introduced.