Sen. Graham to Propose Reversal of Specialty Healthcare: Kevin Bogardus of The Hill reports that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham will propose a National Labor Relations Board amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations bill on Thursday.

The measure would ban the use of federal funds to implement an August 2011 NLRB ruling, known as Specialty Healthcare, that critics argue allows for the creation of “micro-unions.”

Senator Graham pulled no punches in making the announcement, stating that "the NLRB is becoming the Grim Reaper of job creation," and cited the NLRB’s complaint against Boeing last year.

Michigan the Next Battleground?:John Wisely, Kathleen Gray, and Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press write that Michigan may be next to face issues regarding union rights and it could be as soon as November. According to the report, a group called Protect Our Jobs submitted a petition for a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to collective-bargaining for government and private-sector workers. If the measure is passed, it would prevent the passage of right-to-work legislation.

Michigan Considering Series of "Anti-Union" Bills: Dave Murray of Michigan Live writes that Michigan’s Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee is considering a series of bills aimed at strikes and mass picketing. One bill would make it illegal to prevent work from taking place, obstruct the entrance of a place of employment, block public roads, and picketing at a private residence. Another bill would repeal a law prohibiting employers from recruiting or advertising for employees to replace striking workers without notifying potential employees that the employment is offered in place of employees involved in a strike.