Interesting tidbit from the tail-end of the National Labor Relations Board announcement today:

About 150 election petitions were filed under the new procedures. Many of those petitions resulted in election agreements, while several have gone to hearing. All parties involved in the 150 cases will be contacted and given the opportunity to continue processing the case from its current posture rather than re-initiating the case under the prior procedure.

According to the Board’s annual report, there were 2,634 representation (RD, RC) petitions filed in FY 2011.

Approximately 150 petitions filed in 11 business days under the new regs is approximately 13.6 petitions filed per business day — or 3,423 over the course of a full year. While this is only a slight increase from the pace of filings immediately prior to the rule’s April 30 implementation, it is fairly safe to assume we will see a notable surge in organizing activity when and if the rule is re-issued by a proper quorum of the Board.