In a memo released today to all NLRB Regional Directors, General Counsel Lafe Solomon outlined the new “quickie” election procedures which will go into effect this coming Monday, April 30. The memo set forth the changes to existing procedures and provides instructions to the Regions on how newly filed representation petitions are to be processed. The Board also released a set of FAQ’s relating to the new procedures. Solomon told the Regions that

“While these guidelines present challenges with regard to their implementation, they also provide opportunities for us to fully effectuate the policies and purposes of the Act, as they relate to the representation process.”

Readers who have been following the impending rule change will recall that a Senate effort to forestall implementation of the new rules failed this week. The new election rules will become effective April 30, 2012 barring a ruling on pending motions in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s lawsuit against the NLRB.