Back on March 1, the National Association of Manufacturers asked "Where is the NLRB General Counsel Report [for FY 2011]?"  On its Shopfloor blog, NAM noted:

…Over the last ten years, the latest the report has been released was February 4th. Fiscal year 2012 began on October 1, 2011 and is nearly at its half-way point. Yet, the NLRB General Counsel has not let us know how the Board performed the year before.

Late last week, the Board answered, releasing  its annual "Summary of Activities" for fiscal year 2011.  The report focuses mainly on the statistical accomplishments of the Board for FY 2011.  As summarized by the report’s introduction, elements of the report include that:

  • 91.7% of all initial representation elections were held within 56 days of the filing of the petition;
  • Regional offices settled 93% of the unfair labor practice charges that were deemed by the regional office to have merit
  • Regional offices won in whole or in part 87% of the unfair labor practice and compliance cases before administrative law judges
  • The NLRA’s case intake dropped by 5.9% overall from FY 2010, which represents a decrease of 5.1% in unfair labor practice charges and a decrease of 12.2% in representation cases.
  • Case inventory rose from 4,063 cases in FY 2010 to 4,421 cases in FY 2011, an increase of 8.8%.

In his introductory note to Board staff, the Acting GC described 2011 as "another successful fiscal year enforcing the National Labor Relations Act," and "another year of excellent casehandling performance." 


For more perspective on the specific elements of the Board’s 2011 performance, please review our annual report "Labor Law 2011: A Year in Review."