2011 was the most dynamic year in labor law in quite some time.  Fueling many of the changes last year were the impending departures of National Labor Relations Board Chairman Wilma Liebman and Member Craig Becker. With no certainty as to when Liebman or Becker might be properly replaced, the Board acted aggressively while it still held a pro-labor majority and a quorum. In addition to the Board’s activity, the Acting General Counsel pursued an expansive agenda. In response to these efforts, Republican opposition in Congress attempted to rein the Board in via additional oversight and legislative efforts that failed to gain much traction.

The labor attorneys here at Labor Relations Today have been following these significant developments every step of the way.  Today we are publishing "Labor Law in 2011: A Very Active Year in Review."  This brief summary highlights some of the most noteworthy developments in 2011.  We hope you find it a helpful resource as we head into what is already shaping up to be another "very active year."