The second episode of a special two-part edition of Stephanie Thomas’s Proactive Employer Podcast airs this morning.  Following up on last Friday’s episode, I join Jon Hyman (Ohio Employer’s Law Blog; @jonhyman), Molly DiBianca (Delaware Employment Law Blog; Going Paperless; @MollyDiBi), Eric Meyer (The Employer Handbook Blog; @Eric_B_Meyer), Phil Miles (Lawffice Space; @PhilipMiles), Rob Radcliff (Smooth Transitions; @robradcliff), and Dan Schwartz (Connecticut Employment Law Blog; @danielschwartz), to discuss a variety of issues covered in our new book — now entitled, Think Before You Click: Strategies for Managing Social Media in the Workplace.

Both installments of the podcast are also available for on-demand listening at The Proactive Employer and via iTunes.