We started EFCA Report back in January 2009 – after blogging elsewhere on the topic for years – in an effort to keep the management community well-apprised of the bill’s progress as events developed. Over the course of that year-and-a-half, over 12,500 viewers have turned repeatedly to EFCA Report for news, resources, insights and management perspectives on the proposed Employee Free Choice Act.  

In mid-April, the publishers of EFCA Report launched Labor Relations Today, in an effort to bring the same level of quality and insight to the broader range of labor relations issues facing employers in the current political and legal environment. While EFCA has currently stalled in the Congress, there has been no shortage of action by President Obama’s administration to transform the landscape of American labor law: a pro-labor National Labor Relations Board, numerous Executive Orders, administrative agency rule-making, litigation, legislative proposals, etc.

At this point, we believe our commentary on EFCA is placed in proper context by inclusion in the LRT blog with its coverage of a broader range of labor relations issues. Accordingly, within the coming weeks, we will be migrating EFCA Report content and subscribers over to the Labor Relations Today blog. There will be a dedicated EFCA tag where those who wish to continue to follow a more narrow set of issues may focus their reading. 

We thank all our readers for their support of EFCA Report, and hope that they will find Labor Relations Today to be an equally — or more — valuable resource.