The Labor & Employment Team at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP is launching Labor Relations Today, a blog providing analysis, resources and commentary regarding current and emerging issues in labor and employment law. Led by MLA partners Richard B. Hankins and Seth H. Borden, the authors of EFCA Report, the new blog seeks to become the leading online community for tracking the key legislative, executive and administrative regulatory developments that will significantly impact how employers interact with their employees and labor unions.

As we have tried to do with our coverage of the Employee Free Choice Act here, we hope to keep our readers ahead of the curve with insights on traditional labor law, and the effect of changes being considered and implemented by the 111th Congress and the Obama administration.  We anticipate that the next few years will be a dynamic time in American labor law.  At LRT, we will endeavor to keep our clients and employers in general up to speed on developments as they happen — if not sooner.

Please visit the new blog and subscribe there for updates. Alternatively, you can follow Labor Relations Today on LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter. Thank you for your continued readership.