Politico‘s Ben Smith on AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka today:

AFL-CIO President said the Employee Free Choice Act, which had apparently been left for dead by congressional Democrats, remains a top priority of the federation.

The AFL removed a giant EFCA banner from its Washington headquarters today, prompting speculation of a quiet concession of defeat.

"It was just starting to rip," he said. "We’ll put up another one. We’re still working hard."

"We’ll find something to tack it on," he said (of the legislation, not the banner).

Trumka also said he was optimistic that incoming SEIU President Mary Kay Henry would bring that giant union back into the AFL-CIO.

"Obviously, the door is open. I think she has shown an interest in it," he said, adding that he hadn’t spoken to Henry since she consolidated internal SEIU support. "She has said and her supporters have said they’re tired of being isolated."

"You had six leaders at the international level who tried an experiment that obviously didn’t work, and now it’s time to bring everybody back," he said of the breakaway Change to Win group.

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