MLA attorneys Richard Hankins and Seth Borden co-authored a piece in today’s Bloomberg Law Reports entitled "Key Remedial Elements of the Employee Free Choice Act That May Be Implemented Without Legislation."  The piece explores the likelihood of a fully-constituted National Labor Relations Board pursuing an expansion of its recent approaches to injunctive relief, civil penalties, Gissel bargaining orders, and "first contract" remedies.   The conclusion:

…EFCA proponents have argued that the extraordinary remedies discussed in this article are rarely sought by the NLRB. To date, this has largely been true. However, the NLRB has historically suffered from very tight budgetary constraints. Moreover, many would have argued that the politicization of the Board has led the agency to proceed less aggressively during Republican administrations. Those circumstances are now undergoing significant change, with increased funding from the Obama administration, and soon possibly a Board majority more sympathetic to organized labor. This new majority bloc will undoubtedly pursue expansions of all of the remedial options described above – regardless of whether or not EFCA is ultimately passed into law.

You can read the entire piece here.