During a panel discussion yesterday, SEIU President Andy Stern told the audience that next year Democrats will need to decide whether they will seize upon their super-majority to pass legislation like EFCA or not:

"The Democrats really have a historic and decisive moment, for anybody who runs a business there are moments where you sort of make big choices," Stern told the audience. "They have 60 votes for the first time and probably the last time they’re gonna have it. They have to decide if they are an army of one or an army of 60."

Mr. Stern seemed less than optimistic, however:

"They just have to decide, if not I think they’re going to miss a historic moment that won’t come back for a very long time," Stern said. "And so far I wouldn’t bet with them."

Likewise, in Las Vegas, at the Global Gaming Expo, UNITE-HERE President John Wilhelm struck a skeptical tone:

"There is no possibility it comes up in the Senate this year,” said Wilhelm, also the onetime leader of the Culinary Union. “Whether it comes up next year is open to question, and whether it gets 60 votes in the Senate is open to question.”

He added: “I support it. But I don’t regard it as a magic bullet.”