Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society is published by York University’s Centre for Research on Work and Society (CRWS).  An editorial committee of academics and union officials puts the journal out a few times a year.  The most recent edition is dedicated entirely to the Employee Free Choice Act, and more specifically, the representation of the Canadian card check experience in connection with the debate.  Just Labour explains its intent is to: 


provide a more balanced and factual representation of Canada’s labour market experience (including the role and effectiveness of collective bargaining structures here) than has been forthcoming so far in the highly politicized U.S. debate.



The volume contains a pro-union “Open statement by Canadian scholars on unionization and the economic and social well-being of Canadians,” and numerous academic pieces divided into three sections. The first section contains articles which review the study released by Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar in March 2009 which suggested that EFCA would drive up unemployment in the U.S. The second section includes two articles on Quebec’s experience with card-check and first-contract arbitration. The third section contains five additional pieces regarding the links between unionization and other socio-economic concerns in the Canadian context.


This volume is certain to play a role in the debate over American labor law reform once the conversation resumes.