The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, and Crain’s Workforce Management report that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) placed a "hold" on Craig Becker’s nomination to the National Labor Relations Board, blocking Senate confirmation, notwithstanding approval by the Senate HELP Committee.  From the WSJ this afternoon:

Becker’s nomination to the NLRB, which supervises union elections and referees disputes between employers and employees, has been a matter of dispute for months. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has repeatedly pressed for a HELP Committee hearing, citing concerns about Becker’s writings on the labor law he’d help interpret if confirmed to the board. The business group says Becker’s written positions have been well outside the mainstream and they fear he’d disrupt the “delicate balance” in current labor law to disadvantage employers.

McCain voiced similar concerns in a letter to HELP Committee Chairman Tom Harkin of Iowa, also seeking a hearing. McCain wrote that Becker’s writings “indicate that he would prevent employers from having a role in union representation elections in their workplaces by doing away with requiring fair, secret ballot union elections when requested by an employer.” McCain added that he wanted a chance to question Becker about these positions in person and in public. Today’s 15-8 vote was taken without a hearing.

The HELP Committee also unanimously approved two other NLRB nominees, Mark G. Pearce, a Democrat and an attorney who represents unions, and Republican HELP Committee staffer Brian E. Hayes.

NAM’s blog has additional comment in its post, "SEIU Attorney Craig Becker’s Nomination for NRLB Clears Committee."