While Healthcare Reform seems to be dominating both the news cycle and the public consciousness recently, there are apparently still at least a few citizens concerned about EFCA.  At a town hall meeting earlier today, Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) was met by a man who passionately expressed frustrations about EFCA.  (See video below.)  The Senator’s initial response:

That bill is in the process of being negotiated.  There will not be a timeline which will be so fast that people will not have an opportunity to understand what the issue is."

Curious…  One might suggest that Senator Specter carefully parsed his words here to imply that "quickie elections" would not be a part of the "negotiated" bill.  On the other hand, given the context of the speaker’s commentary, it may be that the Senator means that anything is still possible in the bill, but that the public will have "an opportunity to understand" the version of EFCA that is ultimately brought to the floor (contrary to the suggestion of some Democratic staffers not long ago).

Other points which the Senator addressed a little more directly:

  • "I think we have to maintain the secret ballot"
  • "We’re trying to work thru the other facet of it on arbitration on last best offer, but we’re bearing in mind the concerns and the worries you’ve raised."