At Town Hall, Carl Horowitz examines the ongoing corporate campaign by Labor and its allies against Starbucks. Horowitz generally notes the irony in the Far Left-Labor alliance continually hammering the coffee giant, which has always "sought to be a hybrid of profit-seeking and social responsibility."  Among other elements of this campaign, Horowitz notes recent developments following Starbucks’ announcement just months ago, that it was forming the "Committee for a Level Playing Field", along with CostCo and Whole Foods to explore alternatives to EFCA:

EFCA, as many are aware, has stalled. In 2007, the House passed the measure, but Senate Republicans successfully blocked it. The bill, not unpredictably, has been re-introduced in the new Congress; President Obama has vowed to sign it. Yet even with wide Democratic majorities in the House and Senate this time, the measure remains highly vulnerable to filibuster. A number of Senate Democrats such as Blanche Lincoln (Ark.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), and party convert Arlen Specter (Pa.) believe the Employee Free Choice Act is ill-suited to deal with the current recession, if not necessarily wrong in principle. Union leaders such as Service Employees President Andrew Stern have expressed pessimism over the prospects for passage.

Here’s where the Seattle-based Starbucks fits into the picture. This March, Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Whole Foods’ John Mackey and Costco’s James Sinegal announced the formation of an ad hoc group, the Committee for a Level Playing Field for Union Elections. The purpose is to create a Third Way that would protect union organizing rights while retaining the secret ballot. The project would guarantee a fixed time period in which to hold a secret-ballot election and increase penalties upon employers and unions who violate the law.

Many activists on the Left are enraged at this seeming sellout, which in fact is more tilted toward union interests than it looks. It’s another phase in a continuing battle against Starbucks.

His conclusion?   Starbucks should "smell the coffee and fight back."