On Tuesday, the current Vice President and his predecessor each discussed the Employee Free Choice Act to their respective audiences. 

According to Sam Stein’s report in the Huffington Post, former VP Dick Cheney answered questions on Neil Cavuto’s show about the pending legislation.  After declaring that he was an IBEW member for six years as a young man, Cheney stated:

…if people want to join a union, fine, that’s their business. There are provisions for that, that allow unions to be represented. But I think what the unions are trying to do here is dramatically expand the base, in terms of membership, and they will in turn generate vast sums of money, in terms of dues and political contributions, and I think it does have wide-ranging ramifications and that the current system, where we have secret ballots for people to decide whether or not they want to be represented by a union is a good way to go. We ought to preserve it.

At the same time, Vice President Biden was addressing an American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) conference.   At The Hill’s Briefing Room, Michael O’Brien reports his remarks thus:

"We Bidens, we owe you," Biden said of the union’s support for his political runs and for his son Beau Biden’s run for attorney general in Delaware.

Biden said there is "no way" for the administration to work to restore the middle class without strengthening organized labor.

"That’s why we need to pass the Employee Free Choice Act," the vice president said. "You know, I think it should be pretty simple. If a union is what you want, then a union is what you should get."

Biden also suggested that as long as the Obama administration has labor’s support, the administration will support labor.

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