USA Today’s The Oval blog just finished live-blogging President Obama’s town hall meeting from New Mexico.  During the Q&A period comes the following entry:

12:55 – A man asks about the "employee free choice act," which would help more unions form. Obama praises the contribution of unions to society, and worries about the decline in union membership. But he cites objections to the "free choice" act, including the fact that it does not assure secret balloting for formation of a union. Notes there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to get the act passed, but says there may be room for compromise.

This is a clarification of the President’s position which differs from recent reports.  News coverage from earlier in the week was vague, at best, but suggested that Vice President Biden told AFSCME that the White House remained fully supportive of the Act.  And yesterday, American Rights at Work released its newest TV ad that suggested that President Obama was in favor of the bill as currently drafted, and not in favor of the "compromise" efforts being led by Sens. Harkin and Specter.