In yesterday’s Huffington Post, Sam Stein noted that much attention has been focused on whether 59 Democratic Caucus members can find one Republican to cross the aisle on a cloture vote when EFCA is re-introduced.  Now, questions are emerging further about the possible lack of support forthcoming from fellow Democrats.  The piece quotes some anonymous, vaguely described "senior official involved in getting EFCA passed" thus:

"There are no guarantees that this thing can get past cloture," said the official. And it’s not because of Republican opposition, he added. "You’ve got Pryor and Lincoln who might not support it. There is Baucus, Landrieu, and even Bayh. And then there is Nelson of Nebraska."

We’ve previously noted the lack of enthusiasm expressed by Sens. Pryor and Lincoln for the bill.  It is entirely plausible that now that it is no longer a litmus test for electoral support — but rather an ill-conceived bill with a numerical possibility of passing into law — many Senators and Representatives will give more serious thought to its policy flaws and practical implications.  If the "senior official" is correct in his or her concerns, it would be a welcome development indeed.

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