Over at NAM’s ShopFloor.org, Carter Wood includes a collection of recent letters sent to editors throughout the nation by union activists seeking to debunk the "lies," "misinformation," and "mischaracterization" that EFCA will eliminate secret ballots.  The sophistry behind these silly talking points has been rebutted numerous times before.

Reviewing our recent post on the civil war within UNITE-HERE, however, this item jumped out at us.  In a September 2008 internal memo regarding political strategy, John Wilhelm, President of UNITE-HERE’s Hospitality division wrote:

Moreover, in the process for workers to gain union representation, EFCA preserves all the current NLRB procedures and employer opportunities except that it substitutes card check for secret ballot elections….

We suspect we know what his critic Bruce Raynor thinks, but is Mr. Wilhelm also "lying" or "misinforming" about the intent of the bill?