If EFCA has to wait, the White House has not wasted any time jumping head-first into other initiatives to help revive the American Labor movement. Three Executive Orders issued today by President Barack Obama alter labor relations obligations for companies that conduct business with the federal government or work on federally-funded projects.   These Executive Orders: 

(a) eliminate the requirement that federal contractors post notices advising union-represented employees of their rights not to join the union, instead requiring a notice advising employees of their right to organize;

(b) prevent contractors from using federal funds to influence workers deciding whether to form a union; and

(c) require new service contractors on federal facility contracts to offer employment to all the predecessor contractor’s employees.

Government contractors should perform an immediate review of their contracts, upcoming bids and standard procedures, and consider legal strategies for ensuring compliance. The more detailed McKenna Long & Aldridge white paper on these Executive Orders is available here.

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Curiously, the Orders have not been posted on the White House’s up-to-the minute blog — or the specific web page dedicated to Executive Orders.