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SEIU Funds Fight For Fifteen Gathering

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The Boston Globe reports that last week, over 1,000 fast food workers from across the country gathered in a Chicago suburb to discuss ways to raise their wages.  The movement, colloquially dubbed the “Fight for Fifteen,” has been gaining steam since its inception in November of 2012.  Last week’s convention is believed to be the … Continue Reading

Board ALJ Nixes Mercedes’ Handbook Policy

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Last week, a National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge determined that Mercedes-Benz’s employee handbook contained an overly broad and unlawful policy.  The complaint brought by the United Auto Workers (UAW) alleged that the policy, which prohibited employees from passing out nonwork-related notices during work time or in working areas, violated the National Labor Relations … Continue Reading

IN Judge Throws Out State’s Right To Work Law

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An Indiana Judge determined that the state’s controversial “right to work” law runs afoul of the Indiana Constitution and cannot stand.  The state’s attorney general, Greg Zoeller, heartily disagreed with the ruling and vowed that the state would seek an immediate stay.  The state’s “right to work” law was issued in 2012 and makes it … Continue Reading

NLRB Finds Micro-Unit at Macy’s Appropriate; Effectively Eliminates Retail Industry’s Presumption of Wall-to-Wall Units

Posted in Micro Units, NLRA, NLRB, Representation Elections, Unions
The National Labor Relations Board yesterday issued the long-awaited Macy’s, Inc. decision.  The Board majority consisting of Chairman Pearce and Members Hirozawa and Schiffer determined that the petitioned-for unit of cosmetics and fragrance employees at a Macy’s retail store is appropriate, while Member Miscimarra dissented by asserting that not only is the petitioned-for unit inappropriate, … Continue Reading

Met Raises Spectre Of Lockout

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The Metropolitan Opera notified union members that the famed opera house will lock out its union employees if union and management officials fail to agree to a new collective bargaining agreement.  The current contract is set to expire at the end of this month.  Union employees were advised in a letter that they should prepare themselves for a work … Continue Reading

Board Investigating McDonalds For ULPs

Posted in NLRA, NLRB, Quick Hits, Unfair Labor Practices, Unions
The Huffington Post reports that the National Labor Relations Board has opened an investigation into whether a McDonalds franchise violated the National Labor Relations Act for terminating nine workers for allegedly supporting an employee unionization effort.  The Fast Food Workers Committee, an outside labor organization representing the fired workers, claims that nine McDonalds franchise employees … Continue Reading

Breaking: LIRR Strike Averted

Posted in Negotiations, Quick Hits, State/Local Issues, Unions
Earlier today, it was announced that unions representing employees of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) reached an agreement with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), averting a labor strike that was set to begin on Sunday morning.  The deal was signed early this afternoon and will grant LIRR employees 17% raises over a six and a half … Continue Reading

UFCW Sets Sights On Sodexo

Posted in Negotiations, NLRB, Quick Hits, Unions
This past week, cafeteria workers at Texas Christian University (TCU) approved their first-even union contract.  TCU’s cafeteria workers, employed by food service company Sodexo, voted last March to join the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW).  A spokesman for the union now reports that it has begun organizing drives in at least five other … Continue Reading

UAW Opens Local In Chattanooga, TN

Posted in Quick Hits, Representation Elections, Unions
The United Auto Workers are seemingly going back to the future.  Last week, the UAW opened a new local, Local 42, only a few miles from Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant in Tennessee.  The reader may recall that the UAW was defeated in a union election at VW’s Chattanooga plant earlier this year, despite VW’s pledge to … Continue Reading

LIRR Workers Ready To Strike

Posted in Negotiations, Quick Hits, Unions
As we reported briefly yesterday, leaders of the labor unions representing employees of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) announced that they planned to strike this coming Sunday.  A last ditch effort at negotiating a labor settlement with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) broke down after barely 45 minutes yesterday, leading to the call to … Continue Reading


Posted in Negotiations, Quick Hits, Unions
This afternoon, the New York Daily News reported that the long-feared Long Island Railroad strike is a go.  The most recent set of negotiations over a new labor contract broke down after only 45 minutes of talks.  With both sides stating that an agreement is still miles away, a strike is set to take place beginning on … Continue Reading

Northwestern To Board: Football Players Are Not Employees

Posted in NLRA, NLRB, Quick Hits, Representation Elections, Unions
Late last week, Northwestern University filed its brief with the National Labor Relations Board, arguing that student-athletes who play football at the university should not be considered employees for purposes of the National Labor Relations Act.  In a decision rendered this past March, a Board regional director determined that football players at Northwestern were employees, and … Continue Reading

CWA Brief: Overturn Register Guard

Posted in NLRA, NLRB, Quick Hits, Unions
Last week, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) filed a brief urging the National Labor Relations Board to overturn its 2007 Register Guard decision, whild held that employees do not have a statutory right to commandeer their employer’s email system for organizing and other Section 7 activities.    “If an employer chooses to impose a … Continue Reading

Narrow Supreme Court Decision in Harris v. Quinn Casts Doubt On Future Of Public Sector Union Agency Fees

Posted in SCOTUS, Special Interests, State/Local Issues, Unions
While the Supreme Court’s other last-day-of-the-term decision in the Hobby Lobby case may have dominated the mainstream and social media’s attention yesterday, the high court also handed down a 5-4 decision in Harris v. Quinn, which may signal long-term implications for the American labor movement.  Writing for the Court, Justice Alito summed up the decision … Continue Reading

NYC Crane Operators Set To Strike

Posted in Negotiations, Quick Hits, Unions
New York City’s crane operators have threatened to begin a labor strike as early as this morning.  Yesterday, the Building Contractors Association issued a statement explaining that the crane operators’ collective bargaining agreement expired at midnight last night.  Once the contract expired, each union’s members were free to strike. Sources report that last ditch talks between … Continue Reading

Board ALJ Finds Union Buttons Lawful

Posted in NLRA, NLRB, Quick Hits, Unfair Labor Practices, Unions
Last week, National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Wedekind ruled that employees at Pauma Casino in San Diego County, CA were allowed to wear pro-Union buttons while on the clock.  The decision held that Pauma Casino further violated the National Labor Relations Act by prohibiting its employees from wearing the buttons, which professed allegiance to … Continue Reading

GC To Board: Adopt New Joint Employer Standard

Posted in Amici Briefs, NLRA, NLRB, Quick Hits, Unions
Last week, the General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board submitted an amicus brief wherein he argued that the Board should nix its current joint employer standard in favor of a “totality of the circumstances” test.  Under the current standard, the Board examines whether a putative co-employer meaningfully affects an employee’s essential terms and … Continue Reading

SCOTUS Affirms D.C. Circuit’s Noel Canning Decision

Posted in NLRA, NLRB, SCOTUS, Uncategorized, Unions, White House
178034180In an eagerly awaited ruling, the United States Supreme Court held today that it will uphold the D.C. Circuit’s Noel Canning ruling.  Issued on January 25, 2013, the D.C. Circuit held in Noel Canning that the National Labor Relations Board lacked a quorum because President Obama’s purported recess appointments of several members were unconstitutional.  Both the … Continue Reading

HELP Committee Holds Hearing On Board Agenda

Posted in House of Representatives, NLRA, NLRB, Quick Hits, Unions
Yesterday, the House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions (HELP) conducted a hearing concerning the National Labor Relations Board’s current agenda.  MLA’s own Seth Borden testified at the hearing that the Board could issue rulings in the next several months that would both contradict long-standing precedent and undermine the purposes of the National Labor Relations Act.  Specifically, Borden … Continue Reading